The Pacific Agriculture Policy Project undertook a series of activities over the last 12 months which collectively aimed at strengthening extension priorities and agriculture statistics priorities for national and regional interventions planned by the project, other partners and Governments themselves.

These deliverables include:

  • Completion of the Pacific Islands Extension Strategy 2017 - 2027 which provides a vision and direction for regional collaboration in strengthening agricultural extension and rural advisory services
  • Completion of P-SPAFS, ten-year strategic plan for the development of sustainable agricultural  statistical systems in the Pacific region.  It was developed in recognition of the need  for a comprehensive plan to drive improvement and development of agricultural statistics to provide evidence base for decision making and policy formation, and to report against regional indicator frameworks, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



  1. Regional Agriculture Policy Compendium Download
  2. Pacific Islands Extension Strategy Download
  3. Pacific Islands Extension Strategy (Summary) Download
  4. Pacific - Strategic Plan for Agricultural and Fisheries Statistics (P-SPAFS) Download
  5. Pacific - Strategic Plan for Agricultural and Fisheries Statistics (P-SPAFS Summary) Download
  6. Pacific Regional Pesticide Registration Scheme Download
  7. Pacific Municipal Market Guide  Download


  1. Youth in Agriculture - Updated  Download
  2. ICT for Agriculture Download
  3. Regional Planners Forum  Download