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The Vanuatu Agriculture Policy Bank

The Vanuatu Agriculture Sector Policy was released in June 2015 and outlines how the Government will help bring about sustainable development in the Vanuatu agriculture sector over the next 15 years.

Vanuatu has a population of 234, 000 people across 80 islands. The population is rising but the number of households engaging in cash crop agriculture is going down as more people move to urban areas.

In Vanuatu, 80% of the population depends entirely on subsistence agriculture for their daily sustenance and well-being. The other 20% of the population are based in urban areas but still rely on the agricultural products from market centres.

Vanuatu’s total land area is 1,223,178 hectares of which only 492,177 hectares is good agricultural land. This is only 40% of the land area of the whole country, or 10.4 hectares per household.

More than 90% of the land is customarily held land while about 10% is Government owned or leased land.

Nonetheless, only one third of the cultivable customary land area is presently being farmed.

Agriculture is very important to Vanuatu’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP – the value of all of all the goods and services produced in a country.) 75% of the Primary Sector contribution to GDP comes from Agriculture, 15% of overall GDP.

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    The National Forest Policy sets out clear policy directives for the management of Vanuatu’s forests and forest resources for the 10 years to 2023. This includes presentation of clear policy directives that are supported by implementation strategies, as well as prioritizing implementation of each policy strategy.

    Prepared by: SPC-GIZ CCCPIR, SPC LRD and the Department of Forestry
    Date: 2013

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    Under Development


    This bill is due to replace the Forestry Rights Registration and Timber Harvest Guarantee Act, and will provide for the registration of forestry rights over planted forests and for the harvesting of forest products and for related matters.

    This Act relates to the registration of certain forestry rights granted in respect of land, and to the harvesting and accreditation of timber plantations. This Act has been repealed by parliament and is awaiting gazetting. It will be replaced by the Planted Forests Bill.

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    This Act makes provision for the protection, development and sustainable management of forests and the regulation of the forestry industry in Vanuatu.

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    This is the national questionnaire sheet completed by the Vanuatu Department of Forestry during the development of the Pacific Agriculture/Forestry Sector Policy Inventory.

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    The Vanuatu National Fisheries Sector Policy 2016–2031 is the umbrella visionary document of the Republic of Vanuatu, in which the Ministry responsible for Fisheries and its partners takes charge in delivering assistance to support the fisheries sector to achieve its target activities over the next 15-year period. The policy highlights priority issues in this sector and sets out a number of key strategic actions to address these challenges.

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    The Vanuatu Aquaculture Development Plan is a five-year strategic plan that represents a significant step in outlining the aquaculture road map for Vanuatu for the near future. It highlights the main components, including research and development, extension, infrastructure, credit and finance facilities, and environmental management.

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    This Plan applies first: to the managed fishery relating to the species of fish, invertebrates, corals (dead or live), giant clams and other related organisms known as marine aquarium products. Second, it applies to all activities under the definition of "fishing" as defined in the Fisheries Act, No. 55 of 2005, including netting, scuba diving, snorkelling, collecting, using cages and traps, storage and handling of caught fish, and transporting live aquarium species.

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    Coconut crabs were once plentiful throughout much of the tropical Indo-Pacific region, but over-harvesting has resulted in only a few countries now having exploitable stocks. This Management Plan is the outcome of research conducted over the past 20 years, as well as high level consultations undertaken with relevant local communities and stakeholders, for the sustainable management of coconut crabs in Vanuatu.

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    This policy will carry Vanuatu forward to meet the different regional and international fishing arrangements, agreements, treaties, conventions, and commissions to have a sound effective and efficient management of its offshore fisheries resources.

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    This policy is the first of its type for Vanuatu since the Department came into existence as the Department of Vanuatu Quarantine and Inspection Services in 1997; in 2013 changing its name to Biosecurity Vanuatu.

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    Under Development


    This Act outlines requirements to prevent the introduction of communicable diseases into Vanuatu and to make provision for the enforcement of quarantine in Vanuatu.

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    This Act provides for the exclusion and effective management of plant pests, and to facilitate exports of plant produce from Vanuatu.

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    This Act makes provisions for the regulation and control of the importation of animals, animal products and biological products into Vanuatu.

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    Under Development

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    This report outlines the state of economic and social development in the country and presents a road map for addressing key development challenges. It identifies the principal development constraints and opportunities in public sector performance, private sector and social development, and governance.

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    This study was undertaken with the express aim to demonstrate the value of using domestic market data to better inform policy formation. At the time that the study commenced there was a near complete absence of data on the fresh produce domestic market in Vanuatu. This study has gone some way to map the supply and demand channels for the food service sector in Port Vila and determine the potential impact of increased tourist arrivals.

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    The vision of this Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Policy is for Vanuatu to be a nation whose communities, environment and economy are resilient to the impacts of climate change and disaster risks. Risks cannot be completely eliminated, however this policy provides a framework through which risks can be identified, assessed, reduced and managed.

    Prepared for publication at SPC’s Suva Regional Office
    Suva, Fiji, 2015

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Vanuatu Agriculture Statistics at a glance

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Vanuatu Key Commodities



Subsistence farming (farming to feed your family) makes up more than 75% of all agriculture in Vanuatu:

  • This centres around root crops such as Taro, Yam, Cassava and Sweet Potato
  • It focuses on consumption and cultural purposes
  • There is a reliance on rain for irrigation and basic tools are used
semi commercial


This is small scale farming for cash:

  • It is concentrated around Urban areas
  • It consists mainly of the following crops - green leafy vegetables, local island cabbage, Chinese cabbage, capsicum, eggplants, spices and herbs.


There are four main cash crops in Vanuatu:

  • Cocoa, kava, coffee and coconut.
  • Pepper and Vanilla are also grown for cash crops.

Where can I get Technical support for agriculture?

  • Department of Agriculture & Rural Development | Ph: 22525
    Extension & Training; Research & Development; Planting Materials, Tools & Inputs; Sustainable Farming; Food Security

  • Vanuatu Agricultural Research & Technical Centre (VARTC) | Ph: 36320
    Research, Development & Training

  • Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC) | Ph: 36606
    Training & Extension

  • Ministry of Trade | Ph: 23606
    Market Access

  • Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Program (PHAMA) | Ph: 25229
    Market Access

  • Environment Department | Ph: 25302
    Environmental Protection

  • Lands Department | Ph: 22892
    Agricultural Land Use

  • Technical and Vocational Education & Training (TVET) | Ph: 27166

  • Ministry for Climate Change | Ph: 29594
    Climate Change & Climate Variability

  • Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department | Ph: 24686
    Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Ministry of Justice & Community Services | Ph: 33615
    Gender & Vulnerable Groups

Where can I get Financial support for agriculture?

  • Vanuatu Agriculture Development Bank | Ph: 23140

  • Westpac Vanuatu | Ph: 22084

  • ANZ Vanuatu | Ph: 26355

  • National Bank of Vanuatu | Ph: 22201

  • BRED (Vanuatu) | Ph: 135561

  • Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) | Ph: 24096 / 24441

  • Reserve Bank of Vanuatu | Ph: 23333

You can find contact details for other Government agencies here.