The Pacific Agriculture Policy Project

The Pacific Agriculture Policy Project (PAPP) enhances the Regional (Pacific) and Inter-regional capabilities of agricultural sectors in eradicating poverty.

What is PAFPNet?

The Pacific Agriculture and Forestry Policy Network (PAFPNet)is a regional network that helps to connect the people of the Pacific by facilitating sharing of experiences on issues related to agricultural and forestry policy at home and further afield. PAFPNet strengthens communication and engagement among stakeholders and encourages open and constructive discussions enabling information to be shared at local, national, regional and international levels and coordination of activities to be improved.

PAFPNet logo

How is PAFPNet structured?

PAFPNet is a network for the Pacific that links individuals, groups, institutions and organisations at different levels. Each Pacific member country and territory has a National Focal Point to facilitate and coordinate national networking. PAFPNet is supported by the European Union funded Pacific Agriculture Policy Project where the Secretariat of the Pacific Community acts as the secretariat.

How to join PAFPNet?

Send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Join PAFPNet and engage in constructive exchange with a variety of stakeholders! You will have the opportunity to widen your network scope by connecting with people who share common interests and goals! As a member of the network, you will also have access to various types of information and you will be kept up to date on issues related to agriculture and forestry policy.

Information includes:

  • Regular policy briefs;
  • Communications on research and development, regional and international events, workshops, meetings and conferences in the region;
  • Updates on national and regional activities and developments in the agriculture and forestry policy sector;
  • National and regional policy documents and sector policies and plans;
  • Links to technical data and information;
  • Information about network members and experts; and
  • Information about and contact details for related networks, organisations and groups at all levels.

PAFPNet can also facilitate capacity-building initiatives on agriculture and forestry policy processes.