The export of horticultural & high-value agricultural products from the Pacific islands

Quarantine restrictions are major obstacles to agricultural exports from the Pacific Island Countries to developed country markets. The paper points to the best developed country market prospects for Pacific agricultural exports if the quarantine barriers can be overcome. It also discusses the most important plant quarantine issues and what needs to be done to overcome these problems so that the export markets can be developed. A recommendation is made to the Pacific-wide, scientific and technical assistance effort to promote agricultural exports from the region and allow the region to participate in the rapid global growth in trade in high-value agricultural commodities.

Author: Andrew M. McGregor
Managing Director of the Trade and Development Office, Suva Fiji and is an AusAID Rural  Development Advisor.
Date:2 October 2007

Pacific Economic Bulletin Volume 22 Number 3 October 2007 © Asia Pacific Press