About the Writeshop

This publication provides insights into the Writeshop conducted in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) in October 2016. It was part of a broader sub-regional workshop to encourage improved information gathering, documenting and knowledge sharing about agricultural initiatives, such as research for climate-ready crops and participatory agriculture extension processes.



Communities assisted to solve their own challenges

PRA enables communities to study and analyse their circumstances, identify the problems, and prepare, implement and monitor the plans.

This approach assumes that every community member has knowledge in particular subjects based on their experience. PRA enables people to share that knowledge and experience. It also supports decentralisation, democracy, community participation, transparency, empowerment and sustainability.


Climate-Ready Crop Research to improve Food Security

Climate variability and change is resulting in higher temperatures, change in rainfall patterns and more powerful cyclones that is impacting local crops, for example some local yam varieties are dying or decreasing in size and yield. One approach to the problem is to determine climate-ready crops best suited to FSM and the North Pacific, then encourage people to grow those crops.