The Pacific Agriculture Policy Project undertook a series of activities aimed at strengthening extension priorities and agriculture statistics priorities for national and regional interventions planned by the project, other partners and Governments themselves.

These include:

  • Completion of the Pacific Islands Extension Strategy 2017 - 2027 which provides a vision and direction for regional collaboration in strengthening agricultural extension and rural advisory services
  •  The Pacific Strategic Plan for Agricultural and Fisheries Statistics (P-SPAFS) envisions a region where high-quality and timely statistics inform decisions relating to food security and sustainable agricultural and fisheries development, and assist monitoring the achievement of SDGs.

P-SPAFS is a 10-year plan that aims to guide the development of agricultural and fisheries statistics in the Pacific Small Island Developing States. The plan aims to address unprecedented demand for data in order to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals and it will thereby increase the evidence base for policy making through collaborative efforts of national governments, our technical partners – particularly the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) – and the Pacific Community (SPC). P-SPAFS was conceived and developed by representatives from Pacific Island National Statistics Offices and Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries with support through partnership between FAO and SPC.

The collaborative efforts in the development of P-SPAFS demonstrates the willingness of FAO, SPC and the Pacific Island countries and territories to work in partnership to increase statistical capacity and achieve food security in the Pacific region.We’d like to acknowledge the technical and financial support from the Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics in Asia Pacific, and the European Union funded Intra ACP Pacific Agricultural Policy Project, for their kind contribution to support the development of P-SPAFS.

P SPAFS launch at APCAS March 2018


Launch of the Pacific Strategic Plan for Agriculture and Fisheries Statistics at the FAO Asia Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics meeting at Port Denerau, Fiji on 19 March 2018. 


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