A technical support mechanism on regional collaboration for pesticide registration is crucial and urgently needed for effective management and control of pesticides in the Pacific islands. While reliance on pesticides for agricultural production continues to increase, the national pesticide registration systems are severely underresourced. This lack of technical expertise undermines proper risk assessment procedures to support decisions for pesticide registration.

For most Pacific Island Countries, the best and perhaps the only option to ensuring capacity to make informed decisions on pesticide registration and management is through a regional technical support mechanism that pools all available resources and expertise on pesticides. Overall, regional cooperation on pesticide registration will strengthen the ability of the national authorities to conduct more effective management and control of pesticides.

Objective of the Scheme

The objective of the proposed Scheme is to strengthen the capacity in the Pacific region to make informed decisions on pesticide registration, through pooling of available expertise on pesticides. Well informed decision-making will result in effective and high-quality pesticide products being registered for use, as well as in a reduction of pesticide risks for human health and the environment.


Pacific Regional Pesticide Registration Scheme Download