A Study of Papua New Guinea Youth 

A research project funded by the Pacific Leadership Program and Pacific Adventist University 

Developing positive youth leadership in PNG is an important strategy in the nation's strive towards achieving integral human development, one of the National Goals and Directive Principles established when PNG gained independence from Australian colonial rule 1975.

The objectives of this research are to develop a better understanding of successful models of youth leadership in PNG, both positive and negative; to ascertain the effectiveness of youth leadership programs offered by government, church, or NGO's; and to provide data to improve youth leadership training. 

Author: Dr. Lalen Simeon 
Dr. Tracie Mafile'o
Unia Kaise Api
Dr. Garry Gane
Ben Thomas 
Published: March 2010

This research was supported by the Australian Government as represented by the
Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). The views expressed in this
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