Reasons for the study:

The study is the result of request from the Fiji Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) to the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). There were a number of reasons behind this request:

  • The Tutu Rural Training Centre (TRTC) on Taveuni has been in operation for over 40 years. Thus, the Centre was keen to have a comprehensive document produced that described the achievements over that period and what the lessons learnt were with respect to non-formal adult education for self-employment in agriculture;
  • The Fiji Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) was anxious to have a detailed analysis of the lessons learnt from the TRTC to determine the opportunities and requirements to extend the “Tutu model” elsewhere in Fiji; and
  • The long experience of the TRTC in training for self-employment in agriculture has attracted considerable attention in other Pacific Island Countries (PICs), particularly in Melanesia. Thus, there was a broader regional interest in relevance and applicability of the “Tutu model” to other countries.

Prepared by: Andrew McGregor, Livai Tora with Geoff Bamford and Kalara McGregor

Published by the Marist Rural Training Center.