An evaluation of marcotting techniques on breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) variety “Balekana ni Samoa” for improved multiplication of planting material in Fiji.

• Aim / objectives
• Research methodology.
• Research trial outline.
• Results / Discussion
• Conclusion

Aims And Objectives:
To investigate the most effective package of practices for the propagation of breadfruit.
•Marcotting media mix
•Marcotting branch size and location and
•Evaluation of shade and leaf removal on success rate of removed marcotts. Focus is on the preferred varieties:
•Balekana ni Samoa

Research Methodology
APRIL 23rd and 24th , 2012
This trial is been carried out on one trial site using the available variety:
• Sigatoka Research Station plot (Variety: Balekana ni Samoa).
•The experiments are laid out in a Split block design at site.
• Arranged treatment combinations ,(branch 1 – (2-3cm)and branch 2 – (3.5-4.5 cm) and the planting media each treatment combination on a breadfruit tree.
•Materials used peat moss, liquid and powder hormone, twinder (sphagnum) moss, marcotting plastic sheets and ties, pig manure, potting bag (PB 28) and 50% and 90% shade nursery cloth.
•A total of 80 marcotts were done and was distributed on the following trials. Different colored tag was used to represent different treatments.
•Data collected includes: Observation on the germination of its root, Observation on the physiology of