NORTH KONA, HAWAI'I -- From Bamboo to Black Pepper, Cacao to Coconut and Tea to Taro -- Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands provides detailed cultivation, value-added, and marketing information for 26 of the most important specialty crops for Pacific Islands and other tropical locations.

Specialty crops provide a rapidly growing economic opportunity for innovative farmers and gardeners who are interested in diversifying their products. The book provides insights into sustainable cultivation and processing techniques for local and export markets with an emphasis on innovating production methods, postharvest processing, and marketing.

The producers of Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands have published two previous books on related subjects -- Traditional Trees for Pacific Islands and Agroforestry Guides for Pacific Islands. The new book promotes high-quality food, fiber, and healthcare crops grown in diverse agroforestry systems with an emphasis on providing small farms with opportunities for local consumption and commercial sale.

The book is illustrated with over 940 color images and each chapter highlights a different crop. Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands highlights producers from throughout thePacific and shares their experience -- both their challenges and successes.

Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands isa reference book for gardeners and small farmers in the Pacific and throughout the tropics who are interested in new economic opportunities from specialty crops. The new resource book will be released July 2011 and covers 26 important specialty crops, value-added processing, enterprise development, accessing unique markets, sustainable local food production, economic and ecological viability, multi-crop agroforestry systems and local systems with export potential.

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